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Find and book a meeting space

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Find and book a meeting space

How to find a meeting space using the Condeco Outlook add-in

  1. Open a new appointment, meeting, or event, in Microsoft Outlook, select the date and time for your meeting and add the attendees.

Add names from your Microsoft Outlook global or personal contact lists, or type email addresses manually into the Microsoft Outlook appointment.

  1. Click the Condeco icon from the ribbon in Microsoft Outlook or the menu in Outlook Web Access (OWA), to start the Condeco Outlook add-in. Learn more about starting the add-in.
  1. Condeco searches for available meeting spaces and lists results by group type. Self-Managed meeting spaces are listed first and display a Book button. Managed meeting spaces are listed second and display a Request button. Only meeting spaces able to accommodate the number of attendees added to the Outlook appointment (plus the host) are offered. Learn more about booking or requesting a meeting space

    1. Click Edit at the top-right to:
      1. Change the search location, or group, or select a specific workspace type. Learn how
      2. Adjust the number of on-site attendees. Learn how 
      3. Select specific Attributes including a Teams room if required. Learn how
    2. If no suitable meeting spaces are offered, the Condeco Outlook add-in can suggest alternative times. Learn how
      1. If you changed the date or time, click Refresh results at the bottom of the Condeco Outlook add-in.
  1. Click Book to select a Self-Managed meeting space, or Request to select a Managed meeting space requiring approval. Learn more about booking or requesting a meeting space

Find alternative spaceTo change the booked meeting space, click the Find alternative space option from under the currently booked meeting space. Other available meeting spaces in the same location and on the same floor as the original space are offered, including spaces from other groups. The Edit option is disabled when searching for an alternative space.

  1. The attendees added to the Outlook appointment are listed in the Condeco Outlook add-in. Tick the boxes to indicate if attendees will attend on-site or remotely and if they are visitors. For on-site visitors, you must enter their full names on the drop-down form. Learn more about attendees and visitors
  • On-site: For each attendee who will attend the meeting in person, tick On-site. Leave blank if the attendee will join the meeting remotely.
  • Visitor: For visitors from outside the workplace who will attend in person, tick Visitor. Attendees marked as Visitors are added to the Visitor Management System.

When an attendee is marked as a visitor, enter their first and last name (mandatory) and company name (optional). These details are automatically entered if known. Click the down arrow next to the visitor’s name to edit their details.
    Click the down arrow to enter visitor details

  1. Click Done to close the Condeco Outlook add-in.
  1. The meeting space is set as the location for your meeting. Click Done.

        The booked meeting space is added to the Outlook calendar event

  2. Add the meeting details and any other requirements in the Outlook appointment. Click Send to send the invite to the attendees.


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