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Find available meeting spaces

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Find available meeting spaces

Initial search

The first time you log in to the Condeco Outlook add-in for Exchange Sync and start a search for a meeting space you are prompted to set a default location, group, and workspace type. The defaults set in the add-in can be different from the defaults set in your Condeco web profile.

  1. Set your default countryregionlocation, and floor.
  2. Choose your preferred group.
  3. Choose your preferred workspace type.
  4. Click Find meeting space.

Available meeting spaces in your preferred group are shown first in the search results. Available meeting spaces in other groups on the same floor are listed below.

Adjust the number of attendees

The search results show available meeting spaces that accommodate the number of invitees in your Outlook appointment and yourself. Adjust the number of attendees if necessary.

  1. From the results window, click Edit.
  2. Adjust the number of attendees by clicking  or +.
  3. Click Done.

Search in a different location, group, or for a different workspace type

  1. From the results window, click Edit.
  2. Change the countryregionlocationfloorpreferred group, and workspace type to your requirements.
  3. If you would like these settings to be set for every search tick Use these settings as my default.
  4. Click Done.

Alternative times

If no suitable meeting spaces are available, the add-in can suggest alternative times.

  1. From the results window, click Alternative times.
  2. A count of how many meeting spaces are available is shown in a list of suggested times.
  3. Choose the time that suits you – click Show earlier or Show later to adjust the search period.
  4. Click Add to add your chosen meeting space to the appointment, the appointment is automatically updated with the new date and time.

You can adjust the date and duration if necessary then click Refresh results to update the results below.


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