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Add meeting space(s) to an Outlook event

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Add meeting space(s) to an Outlook event

Add meeting space to event

When a suitable meeting space has been found using the Outlook add-in for Exchange Sync,  add it to your Outlook appointment and send out the meeting invitation. Learn how to find available meeting spaces

  1. From the search results in the add-in, click Add to add your chosen meeting space to your Outlook appointment.
  2. A summary page is displayed showing the meeting space you’ve added.
  3. Any changes to the date or time are shown here and updated automatically in your Outlook appointment.
  4. Click Done to close the add-in.
  5. To finalize your booking, click Send in the Outlook appointment.
  6. The meeting space replies via email to confirm the booking.

Add additional meeting spaces to an Outlook event

Add more meeting spaces to the booking to create a conference.

  1. After adding a meeting space to the Outlook appointment, from the summary page, click Add another meeting space.
  2. Click Edit to search in a different location or group, or select a different workspace type.
  3. Click Add next to the meeting space name to add it to your appointment.
  4. Repeat the steps to add more meeting spaces.

Do not adjust the date, time, or duration when adding additional meeting spacesWe do not recommend adjusting the date, time, or duration when adding another meeting space. If you adjust the time and the original meeting space added to your appointment is not available at the new time, it will reject the meeting invitation. If you need to adjust the time, remove all meeting spaces from the appointment before making the adjustment.

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