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Manage bookings from the Calendar

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Manage bookings from the Calendar

 Tap Calendar (A) at the bottom of the screen to open the calendar and see at a glance the best days to come into the workplace when you want to collaborate with the members of your team. You can also view, manage and edit all your future bookings on the calendar, and change your in-office status.

About the calendar

    View your in-office schedule and the in-office schedules of your team members on the calendar. NOTE: Avatars (D) are not displayed in the first release of the calendar tool

Avatars (D)In the first release of the Condeco team calendar only the user’s initials are displayed. Avatars are coming soon.

Each day shows a ‘team-o-meter’, indicating how many of your team members have shared that they are planning to work in the workplace. The length of the blue ‘team-o-meter’ line indicates the percentage of your team who plan to be in the office on a particular date and a blue tick appears at the end when all members of your team are planning to attend (B).

Switch between a monthly and weekly view by swiping the bar under the calendar up and down (C).

To change your in-office status, tap the status currently displayed on the calendar (E). The options are: I’m not working; I’m working remotely; I’m at [your default location]; or select I’m at a different location and choose a location from the list (F).

Tap the + icon (G) to the right of a date to find and book a personal space or meeting space for the day. Learn more about making bookings

Managing your bookings

Bookings for meeting spaces created by the Condeco Outlook add-in for Microsoft 365:
Some limitations apply when editing bookings in the Condeco mobile app that were created using the Condeco Outlook add-in for Microsoft 365.  Find out more

Bookings for meeting spaces created by the Condeco Outlook add-in for Exchange Sync:
You cannot edit bookings in the Condeco mobile app that were created using the Condeco Outlook add-in for Exchange Sync, you can only view them.

Checking in

If you have a booking for the current day and the current time is within the allowed check-in period, tap Check-in to check in to the personal space or meeting space. If you do not check in to your booking within the check-in period defined by the group, the booking may be canceled.

Checking out

If you are checked in but want to finish your booking early, check out from either the Today or Calendar screens.

Note that checking out of a personal space does not automatically check out or cancel other personal spaces booked at the same time, such as a parking space or locker. You must check out of every booked personal space individually to free them up for others.

If your organization has enabled cleaning vendors and cleaning is scheduled at the end of a continuous booking period, checking out of a booking may immediately create a cleaning task for the vendor.

Extend or check out of a meeting in progress

The Calendar screen displays any ongoing meeting at the top of the list and when checked in, includes buttons to Extend or Check out the booking.

View a booking on the floor plan

Personal space bookings: Tap a personal space booking to display the location on the floor plan.
Meeting space bookings: Tap a meeting space booking and then tap Info. From here you can view a photo of the meeting space and its location on the floor plan.

Editing a booking

You can view and edit bookings from the Calendar on the Condeco mobile app.

Meeting space bookings: Find the meeting space booking on the calendar and tap Edit. You can amend the booking title, the date/time, and the number of attendees, and you can choose an alternative meeting space on the same or different floor, but only from the same location. To change the location, cancel the booking and make a new one in the desired location.

Condeco Microsoft 365 integrationsIf you have subscribed to Condeco through the Condeco Outlook add-in, we recommend attendee numbers are managed in Microsoft Outlook. Using the Condeco Outlook add-in you can mark your attendees as on-site or remote, and mark external attendees as visitors. Learn more about the Condeco Outlook add-in

Recurring bookingsRecurring bookings behave as single events in the Condeco mobile app. Editing a single instance of a recurring booking from the Condeco mobile app will update only that instance.

Personal space bookings: If you want to change the date of a personal space booking or book a different resource, cancel the existing booking and make a new booking for the required date/resource.

Cancel a booking

Tap the bin icon to cancel/delete a booking and click I’m sure to confirm the cancelation.

What is deleted when a booking is for multiple consecutive or non-consecutive dates? Only the selected personal space booking is deleted. The personal space is still booked on all other dates associated with the booking.

In-office scheduleNote that booking a personal workspace (such as a desk) automatically changes your status to ‘in the office’ for the date of the booking, however, canceling the booking does not automatically change your status which continues to show as ‘in the office’ until you choose another status.

Condeco Microsoft 365 integrationsIf you have subscribed to Condeco through the Condeco Outlook add-in, an associated event/appointment may exist in your Outlook calendar. Deleting the booking only removes the booked room from the Outlook calendar event, it does not delete the Outlook event. If required, the calendar event can be deleted directly from Microsoft Outlook.

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