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Book or Request a meeting space

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Book or Request a meeting space

When searching for a suitable space for your meeting, you may be offered meeting spaces you can book straight away and/or meeting spaces whose use is managed by an administrator.

Depending on the booking type for the meeting space, either a Book or Request button is displayed for each meeting space.

Book immediately, no approval required

Self-managed meeting spaces


When the Book button is displayed you can book the space immediately. This type of space is a ‘self-managed’ meeting space. Self-managed meeting spaces are booked on a first-come, first-served basis.

Request a space, approval required

Managed or blind-managed meeting spaces


The Request button is displayed when an administrator must approve the booking before it is secured. This type of space is either a ‘managed’ or ‘blind-managed’ meeting space:

  • managed meeting space can be specifically requested for a booking. Meeting spaces in a managed group require approval from a designated approver before the booking is secured. When a managed space is shown as available for a booking, a Request button is displayed. When you request the meeting space the designated approver must approve or reject the booking and an email is sent notifying you of the decision.
  • blind-managed meeting space cannot be specifically requested. Meeting spaces in a blind-managed group are allocated by designated approvers and cannot be specifically selected. When making a booking, you specify the date/time, location, and attributes required and a Request button is displayed instead of a list of available meeting spaces. The request is received by a designated approver who allocates a suitable meeting space.
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