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Recurring bookings

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Recurring bookings

To schedule a meeting space booking that repeats on a regular or irregular basis, add a recurrence to your booking. Condeco supports dailyweekly and monthly recurrences and you can also set a specific recurrence if you want to repeat a booking on particular dates in an irregular pattern.

Condeco supports a maximum of 52 recurrences in one booking series.

How to schedule a recurrence in Condeco

To schedule a regular recurrence in a Condeco room booking, click the Repeat drop-down menu on the Book a meeting space page and select the required recurrence – Every DayEvery Week or Every Month, then enter the date the recurrence will end. Learn more about the booking page for meeting spaces


The Until box only appears after selecting a repeat period from the drop-down list.


If a meeting space is not available for all the recurrences in a series, the number of exclusions is indicated on the search results page. Learn more about search results


Advanced recurrences

To apply a more complex recurrence pattern, for example, every other day or specific days in an irregular pattern, click the Repeat drop-down menu on the booking form and select ADVANCED to open the Advanced Recurrences page.

Daily recurrences

Set a booking to repeat every weekday and choose to include weekends if required. You can repeat the booking every specified number of days, creating a recurrence every other day, for example. End the occurrence after a set number of occurrences or by a specific date.


Weekly recurrences

Set a booking to repeat every week on a specific day of the week. Multiple days can be selected so a weekly booking can recur more than once a week if required. End the recurrence after a set number of occurrences or by a specific date.


Monthly recurrences

Set a booking to repeat every month. Monthly bookings can be set to recur on a specific day in the first or last week of a month or repeat on a specific date in the month. End the recurrence after a set number of occurrences or by a specific date.

recur-monthly-list.png    recur-monthly-date.png

Specific recurrences

Bookings can be set to repeat on specific dates that don’t form a regular daily, weekly or monthly pattern. Click dates on the calendar to add them to the recurrence.


See Condeco in action – Create a recurring meeting space booking 

Required: Condeco meeting space booking and the Condeco web app

Watch our Condeco user create a recurring booking that repeats every week. A meeting room providing Team services is requested.

Making a recurring meeting space booking in Condeco


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