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Swap meeting spaces

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Swap meeting spaces

Administrators can swap the meeting spaces of two bookings directly from the booking grid. The bookings can be at different times but the meeting spaces must belong to the same group.

Bookings retain their original start time when the meeting spaces are swapped. 

How to swap the meeting spaces of two bookings

  1. Sign in to Condeco as an administrator.
  2. Navigate to Meeting spaces > Booking Grid.

The grid must be displayed in a day view to swap meeting spaces.

  1. Right-click the booking with the meeting space you want to swap and select Swap with… from the popup menu.
  1. Hover the mouse over another booking to see if its meeting space can be swapped with the selected meeting space. A booking with a meeting space that cannot be swapped will fade. Bookings with meeting spaces that can be swapped will darken and show a swap icon (two arrows pointing in opposite directions).
        The meeting spaces in these bookings can be swapped.
  1. Click the booking you want to swap with and click again to confirm. Choose whether to send email notifications to the attendees.
  1. The swapped meeting spaces are now validated to check that selected services are available in the alternative meeting spaces and the space configuration is available. Answer any queries that relate to the bookings.
  2. The two bookings swap meeting spaces on the grid.

    Swapping the meeting spaces of two bookings.

If you want to cancel the swap process before you have clicked the second meeting in the swap, click an empty space on the grid or press the ESC key.


Which booking types cannot be swapped?
  • Bookings where the meeting space is not available for the entire period of the booking to swap.
  • Bookings that are part of a multi-space or videoconference, including linked-space bookings.
  • Bookings that are part of third-party integration including Skype for Business and Exchange Sync.
  • Bookings in different groups. You can only swap meeting spaces that are managed by the same group.
What happens if a meeting with a recurrence is swapped?

You can select an instance of a recurring booking and swap it with a single booking but only the selected instance of the recurrence is swapped. All other recurrences remain in the originally booked meeting space.

However, the swap cannot be performed the other way around – you cannot swap a single booking with a recurring booking.

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