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Group permissions

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Group permissions

The permissions set on a group enable or restrict actions for meeting spaces and personal spaces, such as making bookings, viewing or editing other users' bookings, or view bookings only.

    Group permissions tab in user management

About Group Permissions

By default, ALL users can perform the actions that are applied in a group’s permissions – making a booking or viewing other users’ bookings, for example. User Management allows selected users to override a group’s default permissions and set alternate permissions specifically for them.

For example, a meeting space might be for the sole use of a project team. The meeting space is therefore managed by a ‘Restricted Group’ which by default, denies ALL users the ability to book it. To allow the project team members to book the meeting space, they are added to the restricted group and alternate permissions are applied to those users, granting them access to the group. This overrides the default group permissions and allows the users to book the meeting space. The meeting space is only visible to the members of the restricted group.


The permissions set on a group enable or restrict the following actions for meeting spaces and personal spaces:

  • Can view
  • Make bookings
  • View other users’ bookings
  • Edit other users’ bookings
  • Delete other users’ bookings

The permissions applied to a group apply to both meeting spaces and personal spaces. This means that meeting spaces and personal spaces in the same group cannot have different permissions, however, an individual user added to the group can have different permissions applied for meeting spaces and personal spaces.


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