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Catering services

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Catering services

Create catering items offered with the catering services for meeting space bookings. Create subgroups to help users select the items appropriate for their meetings. For example, subgroups for breakfast items, lunch items, soft drinks, alcohol, and snacks.

Before creating catering services, you must have a vendor and vendor contact. Learn how to create vendors.

How to create catering services

If you haven’t created any catering items (resources) yet, we suggest you create a subgroup first and select it before creating catering items. However, you can create catering resources and add them to subgroups later if you prefer, or not have any subgroups at all.

  1. Navigate to Application Setup > Services.
  2. Select the Country.
  3. Select the Catering service from the drop-down list.
  4. Select the Location.
  5. If required, select a subgroup from the drop-down list, or click Add Sub Group to create a new one and enter a name for the group of catering items, (i.e. Lunch menu; Snacks; Drinks, etc.), and click Save.
  6. Click Add resource to open the Service Administration form and complete the fields as described in the table below, to create a catering item.


Service item fields Description
Select a sub group Select a subgroup for this item from the list. If you selected a subgroup in the previous step or no subgroups exist, this field is not displayed.
Name Enter a name for the item.
Image Click Choose file to upload an image of the item. Spaces and special characters are not allowed in the filename.
Active When unticked the item is not available to order on the request form.
Default [on booking form] When ticked the item is added to the request form by default.
Location(s) available Move the location(s) that offer the item to the right-hand box.
Workspaces Move the meeting space(s) that offer the item to the right-hand box.
Vendor Select the vendor who provides the service.
Available From / To Enter the dates the item is available, or tick Indefinitely if the item is available all year round.
Set-up time / Clean-down time Enter the number of minutes, hours, days, or weeks, to block out before and/or after the booking if this item is selected. This enables time to provide the service and/or clear up after the booking has ended.
Create or change before days Enter the minimum number of days before a booking commences a request for the item can be made or modified.
Create or change before time Enter the latest time of the day the item can be requested or the order modified.
Notification Enter the minimum number of minutes, hours, days, or weeks, required before the booking commences to order the item.
Cut-off time Enter the amount of time before a booking commences the request for the item can be canceled without it appearing on a cancelation report.
Supplier cost per unit Enter the amount the supplier charges per unit. The supplier cost is not displayed on the booking form. If applied, costs can be reported with Condeco Reports.
Cost per unit Enter the amount the end-user is charged per unit. The cost per unit is displayed on the booking form. If applied, costs can be reported with Condeco Reports.
VAT rate Select the VAT percentage rate from the list. Either 10, 15, 17.5, or 20, percent.
Minimum amount Enter the minimum number of units allowed on an order.
Maximum amount Enter the maximum number of units allowed on an order.
Additional information Enter any additional information about this service item. For example, for catering items you may wish to enter dietary considerations or allergy information.
  1. Click Save when done.

Your catering item is now available to order on the Food Services tab of the booking form for the selected meeting spaces, depending on the rules set above.


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