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Subscription package

Customers who sign up for the Condeco API service are granted access to the Platinum subscription.

By using notifications services, customers can significantly reduce the number of API endpoint calls made to Condeco. Listener services automatically send notifications of certain data changes, which means endpoint calls are made only when necessary to update data held locally. All customers with access to the Condeco API can easily subscribe to these services.

The current list of available notification (webhooks) listener services:

Notification service Description
Meeting External Provides BookingID, resource ID and type of change e.g. new booking, booking updates e.g time/room change or when a booking is deleted.
MeetingProgession Provides Booking ID, resource ID and the type of progress (Start/Stop/Extend) and how it was progressed (Web/External).
Desk Provides desk BookingID, resource ID and type of change e.g. new booking, booking update or when deleted.
Deskprogression Provides Booking ID, resource ID and the type of progress (Start/Stop/Extend) and how it was progressed (Web or External).
Resource Provides resource (Desk or Meeting Room) information such as resource ID and changes to a resource such as updates, creation and delete.
Visitor Provides visitor information as they are created/added, updated, deleted, arrived, unarrived, departed or undeparted.

To access the Condeco API collection you must register for access.

Register and activate the subscription

  1. Visit either the Partners/Developers site or Customers (UAT and Prod) as appropriate to register for a portal account.
    1. Partners/Developers portal
    2. Customer integration portal
    3. Customer UAT integration portal
  1. Complete the form to create a new account and password.
  2. Click the verification link sent to your email address to verify your account.
  3. When verified, share the email address used for registration with the Condeco support team or your Condeco Account Manager.
  4. The Condeco support team will verify the account and grant access to the API.
  5. When the subscription keys have been assigned and your subscription is active, you are sent a confirmation email.

Sign in to the portal using the account details set above. The ‘Subscription Key’ is found in your ‘User profile’.

Click the ‘Explore the API’ tab on the portal home page to start testing the API service. Test endpoints directly on the portal or use tools such as Postman.

Use the Subscription Key for the value of Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key.

Follow the Authentication steps to generate the Bearer token value. 


There are two authentication headers required in API calls with the Condeco application:

  1. Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key: API security token
  2. Session Token: Condeco Application security token also known as the Bearer Token.

Subscription Keys

The subscription keys are assigned after registering. See Register for access for more information.

A subscription key is provided on your account for each of the following:

  • CostCode
  • ExternalBookings
  • HierarchyMapping
  • VendorServices
  • Visitor

Learn more about API and Endpoints

Session Token

As well as a subscription key you must provide a validated Session Token to access the Condeco API. Session Tokens are valid for 12 hours. To generate a Session Token, provide the Client ID and Password to your Condeco application e.g. Contact your Condeco representative for these values.

When the parameters are passed, a Session Token is provided for interacting with the Condeco API.


An example JSON object with the access token (Access Token is valid for 12 hours):

     "access_token": "eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1Q........excxqRSdf1PqrlI",
     "token_type": "bearer",
     "expires_in": 43199
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