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Technical information

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Technical information

See the technical requirements and view the technical diagram.

Technical requirements

  • Condeco calendar service.
  • Condeco API (production environment only).
  • Access to the Condeco Device Hub.
  • Supported sensors. Learn more about Condeco's sensor partners
  • Access to the sensor partner’s data platform.
  • To check in a personal space via a sensor, the check-in window must be configured.

Overview diagram

Condeco utilizes sensor vendors’ APIs to integrate with Condeco. Our Sensor Data Aggregator is the entry point for all sensor data and polls the sensor events from various providers before processing them for further handling.


Supported calendar service

Initially, only the Condeco Cloud calendar service is supported. Support for other calendar services, such as Microsoft Exchange calendar and Google calendar, is planned for the future.


Supported sensors

Condeco is working towards a sensor-agnostic solution to provide organizations with an ecosystem of smart sensor integrations and data, enabling workplaces to embrace future challenges seamlessly. Our current integration supports partner occupancy and people-counting sensors. Learn more about Condeco's sensor partners

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