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Edit Name/Deployment

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Edit Name/Deployment

Some settings were configured when the group was created. All fields can be edited here, excluding the group ‘type’ which defines if the group is for meeting spaces and personal spaces, or for delivery points.

Edit group name, deployment, and default permissions

  1. Navigate to Application Setup > Groups.
  2. Select the Country and Group and select Meeting spaces for the Resource Type.
  3. Select Edit Name/Deployment from Select an action drop-down menu.
  4. Edit the group name if required.
  5. Set the group as Managed, Blind managed, or Self-managed:
  • Managed: Set a group as Managed if an administrator must approve or reject booking requests for the meeting spaces.
    • Request specific meeting space (via grid): Managed meeting spaces are displayed on the grid and can be requested. If not selected, the group is a Blind managed group.
    • Show booking details (on grid): Booking requests are displayed on the grid prior to approval. If not enabled, the booking is only displayed on the grid when approved.
  • Blind Managed: Set a group as Blind managed if you want the administrator to allocate the meeting space when a request is received. To create a blind managed group, select Managed and do not select either of the following:
    • Request specific meeting space (via grid): Do not select for Blind managed meeting spaces.
    • Show booking details (on grid): Not relevant for Blind managed meeting spaces.
  • Self-managed: Set a group as Self-managed when bookings in the meeting spaces do not need approval. Self-managed bookings are automatically approved and appear on the booking grids immediately.

For information about the other fields on the Edit Name / Deployment form, see How to create or edit a group

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