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Administrative Functions - File Room and Preferences

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:07:21 GMT
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Administrative Functions - File Room and Preferences

To make administrative changes in iOffice, you need to have appropriate permissions. If you feel you should have these permissions, you should contact your manager. 


The following processes are discussed in this section:

  • File Room Fields

  • File Room Preferences

Accessing the Admin File Room

There are two ways to access the Admin page of File Room.

  1. Click the Admin located at the side task bar. 

  2. Click File Room.




  1. Click the Admin tile in the home screen and click File Room.



Figure: Administrative Functions


The following two types of administrative functions are available in the File Room Administrative section. 

Administrative Functions


File Room Fields        

View and/or modify File Room fields.


Allows various features on job request to be enabled.

Details for each section are on the following pages. Note that for sites with multiple production centers, you need to select the appropriate center name from the drop-down menu for each of these administrative categories. Additionally, anytime you have the option to make something active or inactive, making it inactive is the same as deleting it. De-activate with caution!

File Room Fields

The File Room module contains very fields used to identify files and documents. To modify these fields, click the File Room Fields tab or link on the File Room Admin Menu.


A list of fields displays.

  1. To enable a field, check the box in the Enabled column.

  2. To display the field in queues (Check In, Check Out, Active Files, etc.) check the box in the Queue column.

  3. To make the field required when entering new files, check the box in the Required? column.

  4. To edit a field, click the Edit button under the actions column.

  5. This opens the Label field so you can modify it.

  6. Click Update to save changes or click Cancel to exit without saving changes.

  7. Click Back to return to the File Room Admin menu.



Figure: Customize Fields


The fields and descriptions of the window are listed in the table below.

Field Name


Enabled (checkbox)

Allows the selected fields to be available in your File Room module.

Field Code

This is the type of field and not viewable to non-admin users.


This is the name of the field viewable by the user.

Queue (checkbox)

Not viewable to non-admin users.

Required (checkbox)

This allows the field to be required when using the File Room module (e.g. adding a new file).


The action field allows you to edit any of the available fields.

Save (button)

The Save button allows you to save any changes you made to your fields.

Editing a Field

In order to edit a field, perform the following steps:

  1. From the Customize Fields screen, click the Edit button of the field you want to edit. The Label field unlocks and you can edit the information in the field. 

  2. Click the Update button of the same field you updated when complete.

  3. Click the Save button. Your changes have been updated.

Enabling a Field

To enable a field, perform the following steps:

  1. From the Customize Fields screen, click the Enabled checkbox to enable a field.

  2. Click the Save button. Your changes have been updated.



A variety of settings allow you to customize various aspects of the customers’ and employees’ interaction with the iOffice application. Modify these by clicking the Preferences tab or link on the File Room Admin Module.

  1. The preference options are as follows:

    • File Notifications – Send an email to the specified recipient and requestor whenever a new job is submitted.

    • E-mail Notifications – Dispatches file room requests via email to assigned operators.

    • Print Barcode Labels – Prints barcode labels when files are added to the system.

    • Enable Kiosk Mode – Allows Kiosk Mode Access.


  1. Click Apply at the bottom of the page to save changes.


Figure: File Room Preferences



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