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File Room Desktop

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:07:22 GMT
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File Room Desktop

The File Tracking module desktop contains links to all of the functions of the module.


Note: Although the module is called File Tracking, we refer to it as File Room.


  1. You can navigate either by clicking the File Tracking icon on the side navigation bar.


  1. Clicking icons from the Desktop page of the File Tracking module on the main screen.


File Tracking Desktop.png

Figure: File Room Center


The File Room module desktop contains the following functions.



Quick Process

Allows users to scan a barcode file number, or input the file number for quick check-in or check-out.


Allows users to check files out.


Allows users to check files in.

Add Files

Adds files to the Active File List for tracking of check-ins and check-outs.

File List

Shows a list of all active files available for tracking of check-in and check-out.


Manual manifest for closing files as delivered.

Archived List

Shows a list of files that were once active, but are now archived and unavailable for check-out.

Move Location

Allows users to assign files from one location to another.


Scan or input file number for file archive.


Run reports for the module.


The help sections transfers you to the File Room section of the iOffice Customer Portal.



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