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Quick Process

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:07:27 GMT
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Quick Process

Quick Process provides quick check-in/check-out for files by service center employees.


This feature is available to customers in a Kiosk mode that allows them to only view this screen for check-in or check-out of files. 


There are two ways to access Quick Processes:

  1. Click the Quick Processes link at the File Room Module side navigation bar.




  1. Click the Quick Processes icon from the Desktop page of the File Room module on the main screen. The Quick Process screen opens. 


Figure: Desktop - Quick Process


  1. Scan the barcode number from the file or manually enter the number and click the Scan button.

Figure: Quick Process - Scan File



Note: You have the option to scan as many barcodes as desired instead of scanning one file at a time. Just continue scanning all the barcodes that have the same action (e.g. checked in, checked out, or archived).



  1. The file number and name will appear with the current status of the file.

  2. For checking out a file, select a recipient. Start typing the recipient’s name into the search field.

  3. LiveSearch will return the closest matches based on what you have typed. Click the recipient’s name from the list.

  4. For checking in, select a location for the file by entering a location code or selecting from the drop-down menu. The default is to leave the location unchanged, which will return the file to the location from which it was checked out.

  5. Click the Check Out or Check In button (depending on the current status of the file) to complete the transaction.


Figure: Check-Out Process


Figure: Check-In Process



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