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Package Alert

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:06:11 GMT
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Package Alert

The Package Alerts screen allows customers to notify the mail center that an urgent package is expected. The customer must key in the package tracking number and specific instructions in the Notes field.


  1. Select the Package Alerts link from the Task Bar. 


  1. Enter the end-user recipient's name. 

  •  If the end-user makes the request, a form appears pre-populated with their contact information.

  •  If a mail center employee makes the request, start typing the end-user's name and Live Search will return the closest matches. 


  1. Select the end-user from the list.


  1. If the request is for a specific package, input the tracking number of the package. 


  1. Add any action comments in the Notes field (e.g. "Please call me when this package arrives."). This lets the mail center employee know what to do when the alert is received.


  1. If there should be an alert every time a package arrives for this end-user, check the Multiple Alerts checkbox.


  1. Click the Add button under the Actions column.


  1. To delete an alert, click Delete under the Actions column.


Figure: Urgent Package Alert



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