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Accessing the Move Module

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:04:35 GMT
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Accessing the Move Module

To access the Move module from the Home screen, click the Move option (1) located on the left-hand side of the screen. The Move menu displays, where you can select from a variety of options. You can also click the Move tile (2) to access the Move Desktop screen directly.


Move - button callouts.png


The following options are available in the Move menu:

  • Move Desktop: This screen displays a list of functions available in the Move module. The Move Manager section displayed on the right-hand side of this screen lists current move requests that have been recently submitted.
  • Request Queue: This screen contains a centralized list of all requests to be fulfilled. You can use this screen to locate, view, update, and remove requests. 
  • Labels and Placards: This screen contains information on the print box labels and room placards while using the Move module.
  • Submit Request: This screen is used to add a new move request.
  • Request Calendar: This screen displays a calendar view of existing move requests, both approved and unapproved.
  • Search History: This screen is used to search for existing or archived requests using a variety of criteria, such as the room number, the name of the user who requested the move, the request number or description, and so on.
  • Reports: This screen contains information on the Reports available in the Move module.
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