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Editing Items

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:04:50 GMT
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Editing Items

After you add the move item to the list, the information opens in the Edit tab. Edit the information as necessary.


  1. Location items with the red target icon can be “pinged” on a map by clicking the icon. However, this feature is available only to locations with the Space module also installed.

  2. The pencil icon indicates fields that you can edit by clicking the icon.

  3. Select additional Move Tasks related to the move item and data fields open. Edit these fields as necessary. The particular tasks are customized for each request type in the module’s Administration Functions.

  4. Click the green  icon to add another item to the request.

  5. Click Save & Close to save changes and exit the request. Click Back to exit without saving changes.


Move Editing Items1.png

Figure: Editing a Request


If you try to save changes without entering all the required information:

  • You will receive a warning.

  • Missing data fields will be highlighted.

Additional Warnings

When adding/editing a move item, iOffice automatically checks to see if the room you want to move the person into is available. If there is a conflict:

  • A warning dialog box opens.

  • There is a warning icon next to the conflicted item on the Move Items list.

  • There is a warning box above the To Room field. 



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