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Request Queue

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:04:54 GMT
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Request Queue

A basic overview of the Request Queue may be found in the video below. Simply click on the link to view.


Move - Request Queue.swf


There are two ways to access the Request Queue.

  1. Click the Request Queue tab on the task bar.

​       OR

  1. Or click Request Queue on the left side of the desktop screen. The Request Queue screen opens.


Move Request Queue Screen.png

Figure: Request Queue Screen


The Request Queue is the centralized list of all requests to be fulfilled.

  1. Search for requests using the different search functions:

    • Use Quick Search for general, one-time searches.

    • Use Edit Searches to create customized searches. This feature is useful if there 
are certain searches you need to regularly perform.

  2. To print a copy of the request, click the printer icon next to the request number.

  3. To quickly view details of the request, click the triangle to the left of the request number.

  4. Select a move status from the drop-down menu as the move progresses.

  5. To approve the move or edit move details, click the Edit button. To remove a request from the queue, click the Remove button. 



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