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Room Availability

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:05:26 GMT
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Room Availability

The main window associated with the Reservations Module is the Room Availability screen. The Room Availability section allows you to quickly view the available rooms in your facility (1).  You can see rooms by Building (2), specific Types of rooms (3), and set the length of time to view (4) on the Gantt calendar in either hours or days (5) to the right of each room (6).  


Reservations Room Availability2.png

Figure: Room Availability Screen


The Room Availability screen allows you to perform a variety of customized views, including:


The Description column contains all of your current rooms available. If you have the Space Module, you can click any room and have a floor plan diagram load and the space pinger would show you exactly where your room is located. 



The Building drop-down field allows you to view rooms available in a specific building in your Reservations module. 


Reservation Building DropDown Menu.png

Figure: Building Drop-Down Menu


The Type drop-down menu provides the ability to show specific types of available rooms, including the ability to go down to specific conference rooms or actual employee desks.


Reservations Type DropDown Menu.png

Figure: Type Drop-Down Menu

Set Gantt Length View Mode

The Room Availability screen allows you to set the length of the gantt chart by selecting the duration from the drop-down field. The calendar will update based on the length of time you select.


Reservation Set Gantt Length.png

Figure: Gantt Length Field

Calendar Length (and Type)

Additionally, you can select whether to view your calendar in either hours or days by selecting the Hours or Days icon (to the right of the Set Gantt Length drop-down. You will notice that the timescale will change depending on the selected mode. The screenshot below depicts both views: Days and Hours.


Note: You will only see either Hours or Days, not both, depending which one you select. 


Reservations View Mode1.png

Figure: View Mode



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