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Recording Problem Resolution

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:05:04 GMT
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Recording Problem Resolution

When completing a job, you may be asked to enter an explanation of how the request was resolved. How this is done, and whether it is required, depends on your location’s Administrative configuration. There are two ways to record the problem resolution.


Option 1:

When clicking the Complete button on Operator Status, a window pops up, requiring you to note the resolution.

Option 2:

Manually note the resolution in the Request Detail by clicking the pencil icon next to the Resolution header. 



Figure: Recording Problem Resolution

Archiving Completed Requests

Depending on your site’s configuration, one of two things happens after you complete a job and (if required) enter a resolution: either the request automatically moves from the request queue to the archive, or you need to manually archive the request.

  1. If the job does not move to the archive automatically, the request’s status on the Request Queue updates to Complete.

  2. Additionally, an Archive button appears under the Actions column. To archive the request, removing it from the Request Queue, click the Archive button. 



Figure: Archiving Completed Requests


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