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Updating Operator Status / Closing Tickets

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:05:06 GMT
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Updating Operator Status / Closing Tickets

The operator assignment status is important because this is how the status of a request is updated. The end user can view the status of his or her requests online, so this status should accurately reflect the progress of the request.


Additionally, performance metrics about the time it takes to fulfill a request are measured based on these status changes. That is another reason that accurate and timely updating of operator assignment status is important.

  1. After the operator accepts the assignment (or you auto accept the assignment), the status changes to Assigned.

  2. The next action is to start the work. At some locations the operator can do this remotely. At other locations, you need to manually click the Start button.

  3. Remember, it is important to do this on a timely basis for accurate metrics reporting. However, the start time can be updated after the ticket is already completed for sites that do not use the smart phone for remote ticket updates. 



Figure: Updating Operator Status / Closing Tickets


After clicking Start, the status changes to In Progress.

  1. The next action is either to complete the job or to put the job on hold.

  2. If there is something preventing the request from being fulfilled at this point, click the Hold button to stop the clock on the service request. 



Figure: Hold Request


After clicking Hold, the status changes to On Hold.

  1. The next action is to either complete the job or to reassign it to the operator. 



Figure: Reassign Operator


  1. If you reassign the job, the sequence of accepting the job, starting the job, and completing the job begins again. The operator needs to accept the job or you need to click Auto Accept



Figure: Accept Job


  1. After you complete the job, click the Complete button. 


Service Request Complete Job.png

Figure: Complete Job



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