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Adding or Editing a Product

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:05:12 GMT
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Adding or Editing a Product

The screens for adding and editing a product look the same.

  1. When editing a product, a column on the right-hand side of the screen shows any current request types that use this product. Clicking on an item will take you to the Request Type page for that item.

  2. Enter product information:

  • Select the Product Category.

  • Input product description.

  • If there is a cost for the product, input the base price.

  • Select the Maintenance Type. Maintenance type refers to either a building services or asset maintenance. If asset maintenance is selected, it activates the Machine ID field on the ticket.

  • You can de-activate the product by selecting Yes from the drop-down menu. You are discouraged from doing this, however, as it can affect reporting.

  1. Click OK to save changes and exit. Click Cancel to exit without saving.

  2. Click
 Delete to delete this product. You are discouraged from deleting products since that can affect reporting.


Note: The delete button will only be enabled if there are no open Request Types containing this product.



Figure: Edit Product - Copier / Printer Service Request



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