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Costs Centers

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:04:25 GMT
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Costs Centers

Costs Centers allows you to add, edit, and delete cost centers. Note that most of the work in Cost Centers is done during initial site configuration.


Note: Only experienced personnel should make changes, especially when it comes to deletion of information.


The Costs Centers screen layout is described below:

  1. Search for a Cost Center – Begin typing the name of a cost center and LiveSearch will return the closest matches to what you have entered so far. Click the desired cost center and begin editing.

  2. Click the arrow next to a Cost Center parent to open subsequent levels.

  3. The right side of the screen displays details of whichever cost center level you have clicked, along with a list of any cost centers assigned to that level. (See the Cost Center Depths section below for more explanation of how levels are set up.)

  4. Edit the parent level of the cost center by clicking the pencil icon. Delete the parent level of the cost center by clicking the Close Iconx.png icon.

  5. Remove or edit a cost center assigned to the parent level by clicking the Remove or Edit buttons under the Actions column.

  6. Add a cost center to the parent level by clicking the green Add Icon.png icon.

  7. Save changes by clicking the Save button. Click Cancel to exit without saving.


Figure: Cost Centers



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