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LobbyConnect Integration

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:06:35 GMT
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LobbyConnect Integration

The LobbyConnect feature has been designed to help you provide your visitors with a smooth, professional experience, further simplifying the check-in process. Using iPads protected with your choice of hardware options, your visitors can use a secure, web-based interface to check in upon arrival, eliminating the need for paper visitor logs. The LobbyConnect feature has various configuration options, allowing you to require visitors to sign electronic forms (including NDAs) or take a picture to be added to a customized badge, which can then be printed using the recommended Brother QL-720NW badge printer. In addition, once a visitor signs in, the visitor's host is automatically notified of their guest’s arrival.

The Visitor Module with LobbyConnect includes the following features and functionality: 

  • Online visitor registration 
  • Pre-registration ability for upcoming events 
  • Capture guest image via iPad
  • Automatic badge printing 
  • Alert monitoring for unwanted guests 
  • Visitor activity tracking 
  • SMS & Email notifications
  • Visitor Badge Printing
  • Visitor Type Selection
  • Chat Notifications (Integration with Slack or HipChat)
  • Manage Visitor NDA/Documents
  • Sync signed NDA's with Box or Dropbox

Available Hardware

The following hardware options are available to help you secure your LobbyConnect iPads and print visitor badges created during the check-in process. 

iPort's LaunchPort

The LaunchPort system is used to protect and charge your iPad using a Station and a Sleeve.  There are two types of Stations: a BaseStation which can be placed on a table or counter and a WallStation which can be installed onto nearly any surface.  The WallStation is powered in-wall, with low-voltage wires routed back to a power source.  

ArmorActive Hardware

The iPad Kiosk (Full Metal Jacket Enclosure 3.0 + Gravity Flip Pro 2.0 Base) is a rugged and durable all metal design. The enclosure rotates/flips backwards on the stand for easy customer interaction, and the tablet is accessible with quick release key and lock system.  Comes in Black or White.  180 degree customer interaction.

Printer Options

The recommended badge printer for LobbyConnect is the Brother QL-720NW. This printer option includes WiFi, Ethernet, and USB printing capabilities, providing you with multiple options for setting up your network environment.  

The Brother QL-710W is also compatible with LobbyConnect; however, this printer option does not include an option to connect via Ethernet.

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