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Checkpoint Scan - Legacy Hardware

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:09:30 GMT
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Checkpoint Scan - Legacy Hardware


This section provides an overview of the Checkpoint Scan application. This program is compatible with the following mobile computing devices:

  • MC9090-K

  • MC75A




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iOffice Disclaimer:

We do not recommend altering the application or firmware on the units we sell or distribute because our customer check point scan software is specifically designed for their current platform. Any alterations to the units will not be covered or troubleshot here at iOffice. Damaged or non-responsive units may be mailed here with an appropriate RMA number where we can carefully assess the unit's issues and apply any necessary repairs. Unfortunately, no recommendations or other information regarding their current firmware or operating system will be provided here. That information will need to be taken up with Symbol/Motorola Technologies (1-800-653-5350). 



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