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Checkpoint Scan FAQ - Legacy Hardware

Last updated: Wed, 17 Jan 2018 21:27:14 GMT
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Checkpoint Scan FAQ - Legacy Hardware

What is Checkpoint Scan?

Checkpoint Scan is an application for our MC9090 mobile computing platform, originally designed for use by security guards to record their progress along their patrols. It records several data points initiated by the scan of a barcode (name of operator, time scanned, and the barcode information) and can be synchronized to your IKONTRAC website. Increasingly, it is being used by some of our Mail clients to record the progress of their mail operators on their mail route.

What can I do with this scan information?

Once the scan is synchronized with TRAC, you can run reports on this information. By default, all TRAC websites have a basic report that will show you all scans from a specified date range and/or by a specified operator. For a fee, iOFFICE can also write customer reports that will organize this information into routes.

How does this integrate with my existing Mail module?

In simple terms, it doesn't. While the reports for Checkpoint Scan are grouped with the Mail reports, and barcode scans are based on your mail stops, it does not integrate with your existing mail process. Checkpoint scans will not affect the operator name on the package delivery record. Checkpoint scans will not note which packages (if any) were delivered at a certain stop. Checkpoint Scan is a separate application to MailMobile, and so to record a checkpoint, your operator will have to exit MailMobile and launch Checkpoint Scan, record the barcode, then exit Checkpoint Scan and relaunch MailMobile.

How do I create barcodes?

First, you will need to make sure that the barcodes you will be creating are already mail stops in TRAC (if you need to submit additional mail stops, submit a data collection template to your iOFFICE Account Manager). Next, you will need either a specialized barcode application (e.g. Wasp39) or a barcode font. Your barcodes must follow the name of the mail stop exactly (or they will not read properly) and must follow a specific set of conventions with the naming. See the appendix to this FAQ for more detail. Finally, you can print them on labels or onto normal paper.

I want it. How do I get the process started?

Contact Customer Service or call 713-526-1029. They can assist you with getting the CheckPoint Scan application onto your PDA. If you need to add mail stops to TRAC, contact your iOFFICE Account Manager. One your mail stops are sorted out, you may begin creating barcodes.  

Appendix - Barcode Creation Conventions

Barcodes must follow several rules or conventions in order to be recognizable to TRAC and Checkpoint Scan. They must:

  1. Be exactly the same name as a mail stop in TRAC.

  2. All upper-case.

  3. Have no spaces in the name.

  4. Use no non-alphanumeric characters except the dash (-).

  5. Begin and end with an asterisk (*).



*Sample-Barcode* -- incorrect

*SAMPLE BARCODE* -- incorrect

*SAMPLE-B@RCODE* -- incorrect

*SAMPLE-BARCODE-001* -- correct



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