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Checkpoint Scan Screen - Legacy Hardware

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:09:31 GMT
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Checkpoint Scan Screen - Legacy Hardware

This topics details the Checkpoint Scan screen. 



Figure: Checkpoint Scan Screen


Checkpoint Scan is a separate (optional) application used to track the routes of your mail employees or operators by creating individual barcodes and placing them along their routes. When an operator comes to a barcode along their route they can scan that barcode where it will record their name, tracking number, and date/time stamp of their location. Click anywhere on the Checkpoint Scan box to load the application.


Everytime you reboot your mobile computing device, this is the screen your PDA will direct you. 


Note: Microsoft ActiveSync (Win XP/2000) operating system or Windows Mobile Device Center (Win 7/Vista) must be downloaded before proceeding.



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