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Checkpoint Scan Software Updates - Legacy Hardware

Last updated: Wed, 17 Jan 2018 21:28:33 GMT
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Checkpoint Scan Software Updates - Legacy Hardware

iOffice will run software updates and direct these releases to each of the handheld devices out in the field. In order to check to see if your device has the latest update, make sure you have a clear connection to your internet, and that you are able to sync appropriately. 


Next, while leaving the unit on its charger, hold down the read power button on the PDA for 10-12 seconds until your unit turns off. A white screen appears upon reboot, and the device will check for the latest software releases.


If done correctly, your device will either continue to the HOME screen, or begin the update process. An example of what it looks like when this happens is illustrated below.



Figure: Software Updates Example 


As soon as the device is done updating, tap APP LAUNCHER (shown above) to take you back to the HOME screen. If you are still unsure of what version of software you are currently running, please contact iOffice Customer Service at 713-526-1029.



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