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Scan View

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:09:34 GMT
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Scan View

The following screen provides an overview of the Scan Checkpoints - Scan tab.



Figure: Scan Checkpoints - Scan Tab


This is the default view of the Checkpoints Scan, the Scan View. You will see it when the application first loads. This will be the screen your mail operators will go to when scanning a designated barcode setup along their route(s). 


Each of the four modes has a different purpose. A summary of each is listed below:

  • Scan: Allows the operator to scan designated barcode labels along their route. 

  • Sync: Allows you to send the data back to TRAC after the route is completed.

  • Settings: Initially, this is where you can add/remove operators, as well as enter your TRAC URL.

  • Sync Proxy: Depending if your area requires proxy credentials, this screen allows you to enter the appropriate network information.


In order to change views, simply tap the icon of the tab you want to use. 


Note: In order to exit the application, simply tap Exit at the bottom-right hand corner of the screen. 

Entering Text

If you want to enter text into the application, you have two main options:

  1. Use My Mobile (application on your desktop PC) to use your keyboard.

  2. Use the alpha key (if MC9090) on your PDA (which functions similar to a CAPS LOCK) and use keys on your keypad of the device, or just start typing below your PDA (if MC75). 



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