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Sync View

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:09:35 GMT
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Sync View

The Sync View will be the most important view in the Checkpoint Scan application. Without this button syncing your data, there is no other point to this application.

Synchronizing Your PDA with your TRAC Site (Sync View)


In order to synchronize your data, make sure that your PDA is in the synchronization cradle. 


  • Tap the SYNC icon located in the middle of the PDA screen.


If the sync occurs correctly, the screenshot below illustrates the path the view should take. If for any reason you receive an error message between syncing, your device will require proxy information to be able to sync correctly from that point forward. 


Note: These devices use internet connectivity to sync. If your local internet connection is down, the Sync View will also display an error message. 



Figure: Scan Checkpoint Sync PDA Screen


Note: The Sync button now allows you to download everything at once instead of individually. 


Sync View - How Things Work



Figure: Sync View - How Things Work


The above diagram should hopefully give you a better spatial understanding of the Space button's function. If you run across syncing problems with your PDA, most likely your network does not allow third-party applications to pass through its internet due to security. You will need to consult your IT department with the proper credentials in the screenshot below. Also, remember to click Update once finished. 


An example of the process is listed below.



Figure: Example Sync Credentials

Application in Use

Now that you have your operators configured and your device syncing properly, you can begin to scan your barcodes along your route using the Scan View screen. Use the drop-down menu at the top to select which operator is currently using the application.



Figure: Select Operator Screen


You can then begin scanning barcodes for checkpoints. The application will record which operator is using the PDA, which barcode they are scanning, and the current date and time (you can see this in the screenshot on the right). When you need to switch operators, simply use the drop-down menu at the top to select the new operator, and continue scanning barcodes.


If you or your operators accidently scan an incorrect barcode, simply select the barcode from the Scan Mode where you have the option to delete that particular item.

Completing the Cycle

When your operators return from their checkpoint route, it is now time to synchronize your data back to the TRAC site. This is done from the Sync View.



Figure: Sync View Screen


  1. Make sure that the PDA is in the synchronization cradle before attempting to synchronize.

  2. Make sure that Microsoft ActiveSync (Win XP / 2000) or Windows Mobile Device Center (Win 7 / Vista) reports that the PDA is currently Connected

  3. Then tap the SYNC icon in the center of your screen. You will see the busy icon appear, then text saying "Please wait syncing data."


This synchronizes the date from the Checkpoint Scan application to your TRAC site. To locate this report, log into TRAC, click on the Mail module, then Reports. The checkpoint scan report is listed at the top.


Now that your operators are configured, you can select them from the Scan View screen. Use the drop-down menu at the top to select which operator is currently using the application.



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