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MC9090 / MC75 PDA (Common Errors) - Troubleshooting

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:09:40 GMT
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MC9090 / MC75 PDA (Common Errors) - Troubleshooting

MC9090 / MC75 PDA Common Errors:


  1. I’ve added a user to the TRAC site, but they don’t show up in the device?


      Solution MC9090 / Mc75 

  • Click the sync icon on your PDA screen, click “Connect”, and then check “Sync Users”. Get in a habit of downloading users each morning before you begin. If this still does not fix problem, go into the users profile in TRAC and make sure they have a building, mail stop, and that the “mail center” is assigned accordingly.

  1. It says to place the device in cradle, but I have it in the cradle?


      Solution Mc9090 / Mc75 

  • It takes 8-10 seconds for the device to connect with Activesync/Windows Mobile Device Center. Please wait and if it still doesn’t fix problem, reboot PDA and/or PC if necessary. Also make sure that the PDA is securely snug in its charging cradle and that no cords are loose from the back.

  1. The PDA is stuck on a strange screen, frozen, or giving a different type of error message.


      Solution MC9090: Cold Boot

  • Cold boot MC9090. Release battery partially (tabs on the bottom outside of device.) It will still be hanging out of device. Now hold down the red power button and yellow button on the right side at the same time for a few seconds and release, then push battery back in until it clicks. The screen should turn white without any text and reboot.


      Solution MC75: Cold Boot

  • Cold-boot MC75. Hold down the ‘w’ and ‘c’ keys while holding down the red power button. This should restart the device and hopefully free of the problem.

  1. My device is not connecting to Activesync/Windows Mobile Device Center or connects as ‘Guest?


      Solution MC9090 / MC75

  • First delete all relationships between the computer and device. If applicable, click on ‘File’ > ‘Delete mobile device’ in Activesync/Windows Mobile Device Center. You can also try to update the driver itself by finding the device under “Device Manager” and clicking on properties. If this doesn’t fix the problem, restart your device or try a cold boot (problem #4). If the problem persists, reinstall the program and restart your computer.

  1. My PC was re-imaged (or new computer) and I lost my ability to sync with PDA?


      Solution MC9090 / MC75 

  • Go to iofficecorp downloads to download. Activesync/Windows mobile device center depending on your computer operating system. Make sure your device connects with either of these programs. If the Device is not recognized or windows prompts “not connected” check your Windows Firewall. If ON, make sure the program (Activesync/Windows Mobile Device Center) is in the “Allowed” section for group settings.

  1. My screen is black or very faint and/or the F4/Sync key does not work?


      Solution MC9090 

  • Push the “N” key (has little light bulb on key). This key will turn the screen on and off. Make sure the “Alpha” key is off (Alpha key should not be highlighted orange) Also make sure device is securely on cradle and connected with Activesync/Windows mobile device center.


      Solution MC75

  • Push the light bulb key to the right of the space key on the keypad. F4 key does not exist on this model; just click the sync button on your screen.

  1. It says something about “dbnull” or “null” (instead of user name) when I try to sync?


      Solution MC9090 / MC75

  • This means a recipient is missing data in their profile such as a mail stop/route. It will tell you the offending recipient or package. Look up user (recipient) or package in the TRAC site. Check the profile of recipient for missing data and update. Sync the users to the PDA and try to upload packages again. This should fix your problem.

  1. I am getting a Web Exception error when trying to connect on the PDA sync screen?


      Solution MC9090

  • Make sure that your site name, username, and password are correct. You can double-check all this information by going to your sync screen and clicking the Admin button on your PDA screen. Also, check the box that says “Sync using SSL port 443” if it is not already checked.


     Solution MC75 

  • Make sure that your site name, username, and password are correct. You can double-check all this information by going to your sync screen and clicking the Admin button on your PDA screen. Also, check the box that says “Sync using SSL port 443” if it is not already checked.

  1. The customer is complaining about the beeping from the PDA.


      Solution MC9090

  • The F7 button on keypad of MC9090 will lower the volume all the way. There are a few little beeps that can sneak through. To completely silence the MC9090, cover speaker holes on back on MC9090 with layers of tape.


      Solution MC75

  • Unfortunately there is no way to lower the sound. Cover the speaker hole on the back with layers of tape to mute beep.

  1. My time and/or date settings are incorrect and/or are giving me an error.


      Solution MC9090 / MC75 

  • The device should automatically sync the date & time no matter where you are located after connecting to ActiveSync/Windows Mobile Device Center. If the device is showing something different then your current location, click on the “tools” drop down in ActiveSync/WMDC (see problem #5 if you do not have this program) then “options”, “settings” and make sure the box is checked that says, “Synchronize pocket PC…” Click ok and remove device from cradle and reset (see problem #1). You can also go to and download the Change Date/Time Guide.

  1. There is a package stuck in my PDA that I can’t delete!


      Solution MC9090 / MC75

  • First, click on the queue mode on your PDA screen (looks like little horizontal lines). Select the ‘search’ tab at the lower left hand corner of the screen. Select the queue the package is located (delivered, undelivered, pending). Lastly, either scan or enter the tracking number of the stuck package. After locating it, click ‘delete’ in the lower left hand corner and confirm. If the package does not show up, call iOffice for further help.

  1. I need to re-calibrate my screen!


      Solution MC9090

  • Hold down the blue key and ESC key on your keyboard below. A calibration screen will come up. Make sure to follow the on-screen instructions.


      Solution MC75

  • Hit the ‘Orange’ key, then ‘Blue’ key, then ‘Backspace’ key (arrow going to left).

  1. I am getting a “storage memory error” on PDA screen?


      Solution MC9090 / MC75  

  • There is a file within Activesync/Windows Mobile device center that needs to be deleted. First, go to your inbound screen on PDA and click F8 (MC9090) or hit the “orange” button and then the “Q” key (MC75). Write down all this info from the admin screen then click the proxy tab located at bottom of screen. If your proxy information is all filled out, jot this info down as well, if not, disregard. Exit out of screen and then exit again out of application. You should see “Mail Delivery” icon. Next, go to Activesync/Windows Mobile device center and click on “explorer”-> “windows mobile device” or (c:/) >”Program files >”MailMobile” and delete the file ‘MailDB.sdf’. Now go back to your PDA and click on “Mail Delivery” app and enter in all admin credentials that were copied from earlier plus proxy if necessary. Make sure to connect and re-sync users/packages once you are finished.

  1. When gaining signatures in the mail application, the signature is coming out very shaky?


      Solution MC9090 / MC75

  • First try to cold boot your device (Problem #4). If the problem still persists, you will need to re-calibrate your PDA screen (problem #12).

  1. I got a signature and delivered a package but the image is not coming up on my site and is not clearing out from the PDA?


      Solution MC9090 / MC75

  • Most likely the package was already manually closed through the receiving manifest on your site. If this was done first, then the signature will not show. Also make sure that you ‘Accept’ all signatures on the PDA by clicking accept in lower left corner.

  1. Error reads: Can’t connect to Internet.


      Solution MC9090 / MC75

  • A warm reboot of both your computer and PDA is always recommended first. If your network has a proxy, make sure your credentials are correct and passwords up to date (Admin screen). Also be sure you are connected to ActiveSync/WMDC on your computer and that you have gone through the setup wizard. If all else fails, please call us here.

Corded/Cordless Wand Scanner common errors:

  1. My cordless scanner wand beeps three times and won’t scan.



  • Unplug for 3-5 seconds and re-plug in scanner. If cordless, un-plug for 3-5 seconds and then scan barcode on top of charger base to reset.

  1. My cordless scanner wand beeps four times and won’t scan.



  • Unscrew screw at end of handle. Take out white battery by gently disconnecting white clips, re-clip and reassemble scanner. Scan barcode on top of charger base to reset.

  1. My scanner is giving me a serious of fluttering beeps, but laser light is functioning fine.



  • The device is low on batteries. Please place back on its charger/cradle for at least 30 minutes. If the device is still giving the same beeping, the battery may be going dead. Please contact iOffice.

  1. My scanner still will not work or won’t seem to hold a charge after doing the steps above.



  • Scanners will typically function correctly. Make sure if you shut down your computer at night and restart in the morning, let the scanner charge before use because it didn’t get a chance to charge over night. Also, try to plug the scanner into a different computer to see if that works. If all else fails, give us a call at 713-526-1029. If the red laser is out, generally the scanner has malfunctioned and will need to be repaired by Motorola.

  1. The laser light on my scanner is not working, even after being charged!



  • Please call iOffice so that we can check warranty status and set up RMA.

DataMax Printer common errors: (Please also see DataMax Troubleshooting Guide)

  1. A message that says something about seagull keeps popping up.



  • This is related to the datamax printer that is either currently installed or has been installed before in the past. To keep this message from coming up you need to edit your preferences within TRAC. Click “admin” tab, then “mail”, then “preferences”. Make sure “Allow Routing Labels” is unchecked. Click update at bottom. This should stop message.

  1. I received my new datamax printer and plugged it in, but am confused on what to do next?



  • We have begun to attach a document in every printer we send out explaining the necessary steps to installing the printer drives. You can go to and click on the if you no longer have this attachment. Please give us a call at 713-526-1029 and speak with customer service. 

  1. My printer has stopped printing labels from TRAC.



  • Run a test print before doing anything. Go to Start->printers and faxes-> right click on M-4206 printer and click on printer properties. Make sure you are on the ‘General’ tab and click ‘Print Test Page’. If the label does not come out, then you need to make sure printer is connected properly. If it does come out, call iOffice for a troubleshoot.

  1. My labels are not printing out all the way or are printing off to the side?



  • To configure your printer’s alignment, hold down the feed button until several labels come out. If this doesn’t work, reset your printer by first turning the printer off and holding down the “pause” “feed” and “cancel” buttons, then turning the printer back on (the pause button should be flashing).

  1. My labels are coming out blank or off-centered?



  • Open up the swinging gate on the right hand side of the printer. Make sure the white labels are flush against the back wall. Also make sure your labels are properly installed and secure. Check for paper jams, tears, etc. Please click (download) the ‘datamax drivers’ file under This is where you can find pictures on how to properly install DataMax labels to your printer.

  1. PDA Not Connecting


     Solution MC75

  • Reseat in the charging cradle.




  • Check connectivity (cables and/or seating in the cradle itself).




  • Tap Settings>System>USB Config>My Mobiler USB Client Mode>OK> (Left Arrow)>Connections>USB to PC>Uncheck "Enable Advanced Network Functionality">OK>Reboot PDA.


Note: On the MC75, you may reboot the PDA by pressing the red power button. 


     Solution MC9090

  • Reseat in the charging cradle.




  • Check connectivity (cables and/or seating in the cradle itself).




  • Tap Start>Settings>Connections>USB to PC>Uncheck "Enable Advanced Network Functionality" checkbox>OK.


Note: To reboot the MC9090:

  1. Press the primary battery release on the mobile computer to partially eject the battery from the mobile computer.

  2. On an MC9090-G, while the battery is partially released, simultaneously press and release the trigger and the Power button.

  3. Push the battery to fully re-insert it in the mobile computer. One audible click can be heard as the battery is fully inserted.

  4. The mobile computer initializes.

PDA Wrong Date/Time

If your PDA date and/or time are incorrect, perform the following steps.


Note: Windows Media Device Center (WMDC) normally automatically updates the date/time on your device. If they are still incorrect, perform the steps below.


Double-tap the bottom-right of the PDA until the next menu displays>Tools>Exit>Enter password "symbol">Enter>Click on the time>(Right Arrow)>Select Date and Time>OK.


Manufacturer Contact Information

Below are manufacturers to call if it is an issue other than the ones listed above:


Motorola/Symbol (1-800-653-5350)

  • MC9090-K

  • MC75A

  • LS4278 / LI4278

  • LS2208


DYMO Printer – 1-800-668-4575 

  • LS4278

  • LI4278

  • LS2208


Datamax Printer (407-523-5540) 

  • M-Class 4206 Mark II or Mark I


MC9090 / MC75 PDA - Sounds and Notification Too Loud

  1. On your PDA, tap My Mobiler.

  2. Navigate to the Mail Delivery / Checkpoint Scan screen.

  3. Tap in the blank space at the bottom-right corner of the screen several times (in-between the keyboard logo and the side of the screen) until the screen changes.

  4. Once the screen changes, tap on Tools, then tap Exit (within the tools pop-up).

  5. Type in the password: symbol

  6. Click on the Windows logo (Start Menu) on either the top-left or bottom-left of the screen, then tap on Settings.

  7. Once in Settings, tap on Sounds and Notifications.

  8. Disable the notification sounds.

  9. Cold-boot your device (see Common Error #3 at the top of this page), and your sounds and notifications are now disabled.



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