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Motorola Mobile Computer (PDA) Reinstallation

Last updated: Wed, 17 Jan 2018 21:32:54 GMT
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Motorola Mobile Computer (PDA) Reinstallation

Things You Will Need: 

- Administrative rights to your computer workstation 
- USB Port 
- USB Cable 
- PDA Charging Cradle 
- MC75A or MC9090 PDA 


- Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5 (Windows XP) 
- Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) 6.1 (Windows 7 / Vista) 


  1. Install ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center. Installation must be complete before connecting any hardware to the computer. There are no options for the installation beyond accepting the Microsoft EULA. 


  • Windows 2000/XP/2003 – Go to and run the ‘Mail / Microsoft Active Sync Software 4.5’ installer 

  • Windows 7/Vista - Go to and run the installer for ‘Mail / Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1’ (32-bit version or 64-bit version) depending on your windows operating system. Click the appropriate file to run the installer. 


  1. Connect the cradle to the PC using the USB cable provided. Connect the cradle to a power outlet using the power supply cord provided. Firmly seat the PDA in the cradle (this can require a forceful push). 


  1. Reboot the PC workstation. 


  1. Remove PDA from cradle and Reboot. 

  • MC75 – Simultaneously press the ‘w’ and ‘c’ keys while holding down the red power button. This will reboot the device. 

  • MC9090 - Partially release the battery (tabs on bottom outside of device) until the battery hangs out of the case. Next, simultaneously hold the red power button and yellow button on the right side for a few seconds, then release. Push the battery back into the case until it clicks. The screen will turn white and the PDA will reboot. 


  1. Seat the PDA back in the cradle after it reboots. ActiveSync or WMDC will launch a Synchronization Setup Wizard. You must uncheck all options this wizard displays. Specifically, the wizard will ask if you want to connect directly to a Microsoft Exchange server (you don’t), and whether you want to synchronize Contacts, Email, Calendar, Links, and Files (again, you don’t). 


  1. Depending on your network configuration, you may have a proxy server that will require additional PDA configuration or a firewall that prevents the PDA from connecting to the internet. The experience at iOffice has been most customer networks are using neither a proxy server nor firewall setting that require additional PDA configuration, ie the PDA works “right out of the box” once ActiveSync or WMDC is installed. Of the remaining installs, nearly all work once proxy information is entered into the PDA per instructions below. In rare cases clients have added a pass-through exception to their proxy/firewall (or added iOffice to the white list). A few have needed to selectively disable the proxy/firewall on individual PC’s. 


       Instructions for changing proxy information in the PDA “Mail Mobile” program (if needed).

        Go to ‘Inbound Screen’ 
        Push the ‘orange’ key, then click the ‘Q’ key 
        Click the proxy softkey located at screen bottom left. 
        Enter your proxy credentials (domain is optional) 
        Click ‘Update’. 

       Go to ‘Inbound Screen’ 
       Press F8 (keyboard) and click the proxy softkey at screen bottom 
       Enter your proxy credentials (domain is optional) 
       Click ‘Update’. 


       Follow same process (MC75A or MC9090) if your network password changes. 


  1. iOffice highly recommends installation of MTUX My Mobiler. This is a freeware application providing control of the PDA from a Windows workstation, effectively allowing users to control the PDA (while docked) with mouse & keyboard rather than the PDA stylus. To install My Mobiler, run the installer for ‘Mail / My Mobiler Software (optional)’ located on the iOffice downloads page at: has included My Mobiler on all new deployments since March 2009. 

MC75A / MC9090 Sync Process - IT Guide (How it Works)

The process by which data is synchronized between the MC75A / MC9090 mobile computer (PDA) and the client website can be thought of in three distinct phases.


IT Guide.png



The connection between the PDA and PC is based on Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5 or Windows Mobile Device Center. This allows the PDA to access the network and connect to the internet.  ActiveSync is the current standard deployed at all sites using Windows XP/2000.  Windows Mobile Device Center is deployed at all sites using Windows 7/Vista.   

PDA to Internet

When docked, the PDA uses the network infrastructure to access the internet.  The network controller assigns the PDA a discrete IP address as well as a DHCP lease. The network, therefore, treats the PDA as new computer on the network rather than a peripheral attached to the host computer. In cases where a proxy server or firewall are in use, the PDA must be configured to work with the network infrastructure.

PDA > Web Service > Website

Once the PDA establishes a connection to the internet, the PDA connects to the iOffice Web Service.  The shell address for the iOffice Web Service is   A more meaningful address used by the Mail Mobile app to access the Web Service is : This Web Service is used to transfer data between the PDA and the client’s site providing the sync.


Note: http:// (unsecured webpage) and https:// (secured webpage) are used interchangeably in this document. Both your site and the iOffice Web Service have secure and unsecure versions. Both can be used to synchronize.


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