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Understanding KPI Information on the Asset List View

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Understanding KPI Information on the Asset List View

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One of the major advantages of ManagerPlus is the flexibility it gives you in defining and maintaining almost anything that needs scheduled maintenance.  The Assets Module allows you to define and track assets by the entity they are assigned to.

There are several tools available on the Assets main screen to help you.  Going across the top of the screen there are five main dynamic tools: Asset Failures, Asset Category, Assets Not Utilized, Average Age, and Cost Compare.  By clicking on any of these KPI icons (excluding Cost Compare), it will sort your list of Assets below by the specific topic. The KPI’s can be both Pinned and unpinned to your dashboard by clicking the Pushpin icon on the top right hand of the screen.


Asset Failures:  The Asset Failures icon is the count of Assets with open Work Orders that have a Work Type that uses a Failure Code.

Asset Category:  The Asset Category graph is a break-down of open Work Orders across Asset Categories.

Assets Not Utilized:  The Assets Not Utilized icon are Assets with Meters/Logs that have a primary meter/log.  If the primary meter/log has not been updated within the time listed on the Data Confidence setting (found under Settings > Module Settings > Work Order Settings > General),  then it’s considered Not Utilized.

Average Age:  The Average Age icon is based on the Asset's Manufacture Date, and is the average of all assets age.

Cost Compare:  The Cost Compare icon shows if you are up or down in costs from last month and are you up or down in costs compared to last year?

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