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Meters and Logs

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Meters and Logs

This article will help you manage your Asset field settings including custom fields.

All changes to your Asset Settings will impact ALL users of the program

Getting There


  Settings > Module Settings > Assets > Category Settings    

  1. Log into your ManagerPlus account and click on the Settings icon located on the left.
  2.  Click on the Assets icon under the Module Settings section.
  3.  You can select between the three sections: 
    general category settings makes and models.png
  4. Select Category Settings
Add Meter or Fluid Log to a Category

Assets - Managing Asset Settings 3.gif

Meters and Logs are established at the Category level.  They apply to all Sub Categories and all Assets listed under the selected Category.

  To Add a Meter/Log to a Category  

  1. Select from the options in the drop-down menu Select a meter clipboard_e4031fcc99a0bef648e9473fe9ffe8ead.png
  2. To remove a Meter from a Category, select a visible meter.  It will display the Minimum/Maximum settings for the Meter.  At the top of the window, click on remove from categoryclipboard_e86cd2186ec68e4d739bb830dd417aea8.png
  3. To establish a Minimum/Maximum level that will restrict the acceptable entries for a Meter on that Category, select a visible meter.  It will display the Minimum/Maximum settings for the Meter.  Enter the numeric value, and hit enter.

  To Create a new Meter/Log  

  1. Click the   Manage   button.  It will display all available Meters. 
  2. Click the + button under New Meter or Log.
  3. Decide which type of meter you want from 4 options:


  • Fluid
  • Gauge
  • Trip meter
  • Meter
  1. Enter the name of the new log and click enter.

  System Managed Logs  

There are two System Managed Logs that can be selected.  Both logs are System Managed, and cannot be altered or renamed. 
They are pre-set to operate a certain way, and require additional consideration:

  • Distance:  This meter will track the distance traveled on a set of tires, in the Tire Tracking application (Coming Soon!)

Distance log's availability is established at the Site level by your system administrator.  Go to Settings > Administration > Sites.  When you select your site, the details of the site will appear.  Under Distance Unit you can decide if your distances will be measured in Metric or Imperial standards.  Keep in mind, that this will be your standard across the entire Site.  Multiple sites can have different Distance standards



  • Trip Distance:  This is the trip meter, as seen on most vehicles.  It is recommended that this be tracked separately from the main vehicle odometer.  Available now.



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