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Managing Notes on an Asset

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Managing Notes on an Asset

This page explains how to add notes, instructions, and specific information to an asset to keep an accurate profile of that asset.

Adding Notes to an individual Asset is a great way to keep its profile accurate.  It allows you to customize any instructions or record any specific information on the Asset.  Below are the instructions on how to add Notes to an Asset.


Managing Notes on an Asset.gif

1.  Log into ManagerPlus and click on the Assets icon on the side ribbon.

2.  Create a new Asset or open an already existing Asset from your Asset List.

 If creating a new Asset, all required fields must be filled in and then saved before you can proceed to Step 3.

3.  Click on the View Asset Details icon.  A side panel will appear giving you several different options.

4.  Click on the Notes icon.

5.  Click on New Note.

6.  Add the desired Note in the provided box, then click on Add Note.

7.  If you need to edit or Delete a Note, click on the trash can to Delete, or the edit button to modify a Note.

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