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The Collaboration Center

Eptura Knowledge Center

The Collaboration Center


At ManagerPlus we believe it vitally important to collaborate with our clients,  to ensure the success of both our clientele as well as our products.  To that end, we invite you to take advantage of all the features offered in the Collaboration Center.  
Here, you can access a host of information, including:

Also available are links to the Latest Product Updates & Release Notes, Lightning Training Webinars, and Our Blog.


In the center of the Collaboration Center are Pie charts showing the Lifetime Work of your company, including Preventative, Predictive and Repair Work Orders, your Personal Lifetime Work, and your Total Labor Hours.

At the bottom of the Collaboration Center are icons that will take you to the Knowledge Center, where to go to get Live Support, information on Connectors and Integrations, and API Documentation.

To access the Collaboration Center, follow these instructions.



1.  Log into your ManagerPlus account and click any of the module icons on the side ribbon.

2.  Then, click Collaboration Center icon Screenshot 2022-12-29 at 11.44.38 AM.pngat the top, right hand side of the page.


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