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Converting Legacy Inspection PMs to Lightning Inspection PMs

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Converting Legacy Inspection PMs to Lightning Inspection PMs

Who this article is for

This article is intended for those organizations that have or currently use the use the Legacy Inspection solution found in ManagerPlus Desktop and ManagerPlus Cloud and who have recently moved to ManagerPlus Lightning.  See a short overview video on the Lightning Inspection Module here.  

Legacy Inspections and Lightning Inspection Compatibility

The legacy inspection module from ManagerPlus Desktop and ManagerPlus Cloud was originally developed back in 2011.  Over the years we have heard a lot of feedback about the module.  With the introduction of ManagerPlus Lightning in 2020 we found an opportunity to incorporate a of the feedback we had received on the Legacy inspection module.  Unfortunately the changes were so drastic that we were not able to reuse the Legacy data structure in order to "update" it.  Instead we had to design a totally new inspection solution.  For this reason inspections from ManagerPlus Desktop and Cloud are not visible in ManagerPlus Lightning.

Converting Legacy Inspection PMs to Lightning Inspection PMs

There is, no doubt, a great number of you that spent a lot of time and effort in your inspection process and wish to preserve that information.  For this we have created a process to migrate your legacy inspection PMs over to Lightning with a click of a button.  

Legacy inspection PMs can be seen traditionally in your PMs and were a totally separate module and report.  They can be seen in your "Schedules Due" module in Desktop or Cloud as seen below.  These are the PMs that will be affected when you convert legacy inspection pms to Lightning inspection PMs.

Converting Legacy Inspection PM 1.png

There are two ways to convert legacy inspection pms to Lightning PMs

  1. Bulk Conversion
  2. Individual Conversion

Bulk Conversion of legacy PMs to Lightning PMs

When you navigate to your Maintenance Plans or Inspection Templates and you are an admin you will see a new banner there indicating that you have legacy inspections.  You can convert inspections in bulk by clicking on the indicated text on the banner.  

Important Note:  Before you decide to convert ALL of your legacy inspections to Lightning inspections you should be prepared for a few important changes
1. If you do inspections on the current mobile app - you will need to now perform your inspections on the new Work Companion App downloadable from the app store or play store.
 2. This conversion process does NOT convert history.  
 3. This will change the way you do inspections so it will be important to communicate to your team the changes that are transpiring and the new tools they will have access to before migrating your inspections


You will then be prompted to select a new work type for the new PMs.  Then click process.  This is NOT reversible.  This will convert all legacy inspection PMs to Lightning PMs.  It will preserve the assets' schedule progress and due date.  

Converting Legacy Inspection PM 3.png

Individual Conversion of legacy PMs to Lightning PMs

You may alternatively decide to do this a single maintenance plan at a time.  If so then you will find a new option on your maintenance plans.  Simply click the ellipses to display the option and locate the new "Migrate" option.  It is recommended that you 

Note: It is recommended that you migrate one first to experience the changes before doing them in bulk.


Once you select migrate - then the process is the same but will be executed only for the associated maintenance plan. 

Changes in Inspections

1. As you review your new PMs that were migrated from your legacy inspections you will notice that each PM now has a new service task associated with it.  This service task represents the new inspection template.  The name has some added numerical references to make it unique but that can be changed in your inspection templates.


2. A new inspection template was created representing your old legacy inspection.  The legacy inspection comes with dozens of new features.  You may want to review this overview video to get a feel for the new options available to you.  Here are just a few selected highlights you may wish to explore.

  1. Legacy inspections had only 1 question type:  Pass or Fail.  Lightning inspections offer a variety of question types that will suit all your inspection requirements.
  2. You now have access to the Operator Companion that extends your inspections to a tool designed for drivers and operators of the equipment.  See your inspection settings for more info.  


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