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Create a new Invoice (no work order)

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Create a new Invoice (no work order)

Light Bulb nGef0Etdx3ef6lB7dnrxzhoATrjn0aKayw.png NOTE:  While possible to create Invoices on-the-go, it is strongly recommended you consider setting up a connection between your Work Orders and your Invoices, so the Invoices will be auto-generated once the work order is completed.


Say you need to create an invoice, that is not connected to a work order.  It's a straightforward process using Lightning's Invoices module.

Fill in the required fields, that answers the questions:

  • Who your customer is
  • Which Asset was worked on (if applicable)
  • Why the invoice is needed (Purpose)

With an Invoice established, you can list:

  • Services provided
  • Parts used

Send out the Invoice digitally to your client, for a faster response.



  • Open the Invoices Module  Invoices.png
  • Click the    New Invoice    button
  • Enter the required information
  • Click    Create Invoice    


  • Entity:  List the site responsible for the work being performed (This is auto-generated if you only have one Site/Entity)
  • Customer:  Client name, for whom the Invoice is being generated
  • Budget: This is an account that was specifically created to track invoices.  It is NOT one of your maintenance budgets
  • Price Point: The markup percentage on parts & labor, that was established by a system administrator
  • Sales Tax: Can be applied to services, parts, or both
  • Purpose: Reason for the invoice being generated
  • Asset:  The equipment that was serviced (list pulls from the Asset module)


Now that the Invoice has been created, it can be opened, the details spelled out, and submitted to the client.

  • If not open already, select your invoice from the list view by clicking on it
  • Once open, click the    New Line Item    button
  • Select Add Part
  • Search for the desired part.  The system will narrow down the options.  Pick the correct one
  • Once finished naming parts, select    New Line Item    and Add Labor
  • The library of service tasks will open up.  Select the appropriate task, and click    Add to Invoice   


Once all the parts & labor services have been added, click the    Save    button.
Your invoice can now be printed or sent to your customer electronically.



   Best Practices   

Whenever possible, list the Asset first when creating the Invoice. 
Doing so, will auto-generate the majority of the required fields for you.


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