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PMs Dashboard Overview

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PMs Dashboard Overview

PM schedules are critical for successful Asset Management

Planned Maintenance (PMs) and PM management is an important part of ManagerPlus.
The PM Management dashboard lets you stay current on:

  • Which reoccurring jobs have come due
  • Future PMs
  • PMs currently being worked on
5-Minute Overview Video
Details of the PMs Page

PM Management.png

On the PM Dashboard, you have some Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will show you:

  1. How many PMs are ready for work (plus, the number of existing PMs that have active work orders)
  2. The percentage of Open Work Orders currently coming from PMs
  3. Monthly Past Estimated and Actual Work Orders created from PMs
  4. Upcoming Workload Forecast (showing the number of hours projected to be needed on upcoming PMs)

These KPIs are meant to give you a quick, at-a-glance, snapshot of what is going on and the past and future workload generated from PM records.

The List View  


By default, the list of PMs will sort by:

  1. Maturity Reached (the 100% due on top, descending down to 0% due at the bottom
  2. Notices  (PMs with notifications on them.  This can include:
  • Ready (PMs that are due to be worked on) PMs-Alert.png
  • Has WO (PM that has already been turned into an active work order) ActiveWO.png

    Other Notable Fields   

Next Date:  The projected date the PM should come.  On log-based PM cycles, these dates are calculated using the Asset's daily utilization rate

NOTE:  Some dates may be accompanied by an alert symbol.  PMs-Alert.png
This is displayed if the asset attached to the PM has not had a meter/log entry in more than 7 days, and thus the date listed is considered unreliable.  


   Selecting Which List to Display   


  • Active PMs:  Displays all PMs created in your Lightning database
  • PMs Ready for Work:  The number of lines here will match KPI graphic   1  
  • PMs with Work:  The number of PMs listed will match the number at the bottom of KPI graphic   1  
Managing the PMs  

PM adjustment.gif

  1. Click on any PM line.  This will slide open that PM's management window on the right side of the screen
  2. PM Progress allows you to change the due date on calendar-based schedules
  3. Vendors:  Assign a vendor/outside contractor to this PM
  4. Assigned Contacts:  Select which users should be assigned to this work order
    • First User assigned will be designated as Primary, with a badge placed on that name clipboard_e1c845c30bbb1a40880f09963cde90f53.png 
    • Primary can be reassigned to any other user on the list
    • Each additional user selected, will be added to the PM, but only one can be Primary
    • Assignments made on the PM Management screen, will continue each time the PM comes due, or until changed
  5. Click   Save Changes   or...
  6. Click Create Work Order to generate a work order for the selected PM
Making Mass Adjustments  

PM Mass .gif

  1. Click the check box at the beginning of an PM line
  2. The Actions box will appear.  Click on it.
  3. Select from the following options:
    • Generate Work
    • Update Assigned To Contacts
    • Update Assigned To Vendor
    • Adjust Cycle Progress
  4. Changes made will impact all selected PMs
Generate Work Orders From All Due  

To turn every due PM into a work order all at once:

  • Click on the big, red   PMs Ready   button at the top left of the screen
  • Confirm your decision by clicking YES or NO when prompted
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