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How to Create a Work Request

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How to Create a Work Request


A Work Request can be used in several ways.  The primary use is to receive requests from others outside the maintenance staff and then either resolve the issue at the request level or create a Work Order to resolve the issue.  To create a request, you can access the form in several ways: M+ Mobile App, Request Management Console, and a Request Portal.  To create a Work Request using the Request Management Console:


work requestfinal.gif

1.  Log into your ManagerPlus account and click on the Request icon.

2.  Next, click on the New Request tab to create a new Work Request.

3.  You will then need to enter the appropriate information.

4.  Once the appropriate information has been added, click on the Save New Request to create a New Work Request.


Definitions of Fields:

Purpose of request here:  Brief description of the purpose of this work request. The Purpose is a required field.

Asset:  Asset that this work request is for. This is optional, because the Work Request may not be for an asset that is tracked in ManagerPlus.

If the work request is associated with an asset, the Asset field is required. If the Work Request is not associated with an asset, the Purpose is required.

Entity:  The entity is what location the work request originates from.

Requested By:  Person that is requesting the work. This field is automatically populated with the name of the user creating the work request, but it can be edited.

Origin:  Where the request was created, for example, in ManagerPlus or M+ Work Requests. This field is automatically populated when you create the work request and is not editable.

Date Submitted:  This is the date that the work request was submitted.  

Assigned:  The person who the work request is assigned to.

Priority:  The priority is automatically set based on the defaults in the module settings. You can change the priority based on the importance and schedule of the work request.

Date Closed:  This is the date that the work request was finished.

Issue Description:  Here, you will have additional space to describe the issue with the needed Work Request asset.

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