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Azure Single Sign-On Setup

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Azure Single Sign-On Setup

ADMIN ACCESS Admin key with lightning bolt Fractured Halo.png    Administrator Access is required for this feature

It is highly recommended you that test this in a sandbox environment first.  ManagerPlus Support can set you up with a test environment at no additional charge.  We encourage you to "test it out" before implementing this feature on your live production instance.

Turn on the option to use Azure SSO

Before connecting to your network's Single Sign-On, you need to turn the option on in Lightning.  

  • Go to Settings > Tools and Support > Marketplace  Marketplace.png

  • Find the SSO (Single Sign On) option, and slide the button to the right to turn on the feature

  • Once switched on, the Settings > Administration section will now display the Single Sign-on (SSO) settings Icon  

Enable Azure SSO in ManagerPlus

Enabling Azure Single Sign On (SSO) in ManagerPlus, will force Lightning to authenticate users through your organization's Azure login policies. 
Here's how to enable Azure SSO in ManagerPlus: 

  1. Go to Settings > Administration  > Single Sign-On (SSO)  

  2. Switch on Azure Sign-On Enabled

Now you can configure which domains can log in to your ManagerPlus database, by completing each field. 

Explanation of fields and options

  •    Add Row    – Use this option to create your first domain entry or add additional domains.  Adding additional domains will allow you to configure settings differently per ManagerPlus entity. 

  • Domain  – This filters which domains are allowed to access your ManagerPlus. 

  • Site – This is the default site/entity that will be used when new users are created – the new user will be registered under this site. 

  • Default Security User Role – New users will be registered with this security role when signing in for the first time from the main application.  

  • Note:  By default, this setting is set to not [Don't Create User]

  • Default Mobile User Role – New users will be registered with this security role when signing in for the first time from a mobile device.  Note:  By default, this setting is set to not auto create users. 

  1. Once your selections have been entered, lock in the changes by selecting    Save Changes   

  2. After enabling your SSO settings in ManagerPlus, log out of your current ManagerPlus session


Registering ManagerPlus with Azure

Now that your SSO connection settings have been configured, it's time to log back into Lightning.

  1. Open your ManagerPlus Lightning website
    Note the login page has changed
    MPlus SSO Sign In.png

  2. Click the Microsoft Azure Sign In button  azure-sign-in-light.png

  3. Sign in as an Azure Administrator
    sign in as azure admin.png

  4. Accept the requested app permissions
    azure permissions 1.png     azure permissions 2.png

  5. After accepting, you will be granted access to the ManagerPlus application

Once you have successfully logged in to Lightning, ManagerPlus will be registered into your Azure Instance. 

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