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Site Settings

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Site Settings

Sites is the top level of organizing your Assets in the application. Sites allow you to group together assets, people and work orders that belong to a specific entity, in order to streamline which information is seen, and by whom.

Each Site can have multiple groups below it.

  • SITE 1
    • Group
    • Group
  • SITE 2
    • Group
    • Group

When managing teams in separate departments or buildings, it is important to differentiate what work belongs to them in a simple manner to avoid confusion and clutter. Sites can help you achieve this.

How to Create a Site


  2. Typically there is only a single Region. If more than one Region is showing, select the Region receiving the new Site

  3. Click the + button underneath Sites


  4. Enter the required information

    • Site Name:  Name of your Site
    • Time Zone: Select the most appropriate global time zone
    • Distance Unit: Determine how distance is measured at that location
      • Metric (Kilometers)
      • Imperial (Miles)
    • Use Another Site’s Budget: Allows you to select another site that will be responsible for the maintenance expenses (not common)
    • Reply To Email: Contact for this Site
  5. Click   Save  

Details of your new Site will now be displayed.


Site Details:


  • Upload Image: If this division of your organization has its own logo it can be uploaded here
  • Default Sales Tax: By default, uses the default sales tax established in your Company settings (SETTINGS > ADMINISTRATION > COMPANY)
  • Primary Warehouse: Select the default warehouse for this site’s Inventory (see Warehouses below)
  • Work Week – Days In Operation: Select which days of the week calendar-based PMs come due
  • Default Revenue Budget: By default, uses the default sales tax established in your Company settings (SETTINGS > ADMINISTRATION > COMPANY)
  • Custom Printable Work Order/Purchase Order/Inspection/Invoice: Overrides the default report and uses a custom report you can build in BI     


Payable Address:
  1. Click in the Description box to add an address
  2. Select [+] Manage addresses
  3.  Click edit (pencil icon) beside the Site Name OR select   New Address   to create a new entry
  4. Fill in required information (displayed in red)


  5. Click   Save       


  • Default warehouse will be displayed. Edit the existing warehouse name or create a new warehouse

    1. Click + to create a new Warehouse
    2. Enter Warehouse Name
    3. Purchasing Budget: Default budget for purchasing Inventory
    4. Replenishment Source: Determined if you restock these shelves through Inventory Transfers from Another Warehouse or order as needed through Purchase Orders
    5. Warehouse Manager: Select the primary contact for this Warehouse
    6. Delivery Address: determine if same or different from Billing Address
    7. Click   Save  


Use this feature to
  • Quickly segment your assets
  • Streamline work orders to specific groups so that only relevant information is seen by your teams
  • Ensure users only have access to the assets and work orders they need to see



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