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Custom Fields

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Custom Fields

This article will help you manage your Category Attributes - specifically, the ability to add and manage custom fields in any Category.

All changes to your Asset Settings will impact ALL users of the program

Getting There


  Settings > Module Settings > Assets > Category Settings    

  1. Log into your ManagerPlus account and click on the Settings icon located on the left.
  2.  Click on the Assets icon under the Module Settings section.
  3.  You can select between the three sections: 
    general category settings makes and models.png
  4. Select Category Settings
Category Custom Fields

Assets - Managing Asset Settings 4.gif

Asset Custom Fields are also determined at the CATEGORY level.  New Categories have no Custom Fields and must be added manually.

 To add an existing Custom Field 

  1. Click on the + button below Add Custom Fields clipboard_eac29e044b4a85d7da648c95fe4cd315f.png
  2. Select all custom fields to be added, and click   Add   at the bottom  of the window.
  3. To make the field mandatory when creating/editing an Asset, click the Not Required icon clipboard_e9dd060b7d5deb80ba7f6b9a5645dd2a6.pngand change it to Required clipboard_ea248c3ff827a91078abdf4beae691867.png 
  4. To reorder the fields, use the double ellipsis button, and drag up or down to change the order.  clipboard_e5d9857becf4ecc2abb724252120cc078.png


 To create a NEW Custom Field 

  1. Click on the + button below Add Custom Fields clipboard_eac29e044b4a85d7da648c95fe4cd315f.png
  2. Click the New button in the top right corner clipboard_e5c17cd96ca5f0d07dc527e4eb3efc62a.png
  3. Fill out the required fields
  • Name
  • Group  (Groups are only to help with organizing a lengthy list of Custom Fields)
    • To create/edit a Custom Field Group, click the   Manage Groups   button.  Begin typing the name in the    Add a Field Group   button, and hit enter.
    • To delete a Custom Field Group, click the   Manage Groups   button.  Remove the Group for clicking the trash can icon clipboard_eec455e00d2c849484f09cfe76787fe8f.png
  • Type:  This is the most important field when establishing a new custom field.  It determines how the custom field should behave.  Once a Type is selected and saved, you cannot change to a different type.  The 8 Type options are:
    • Text:  Any character, letter, symbol, or number, can be typed in this field
    • Checkbox:  Creates a Yes/No style checkbox clipboard_e7bad6fdb739d83957c7f30c8d42d65ef.png
    • Integer:  Only numbers can be entered
    • Decimal:  Numbers with a decimal point can be entered
    • Date:  MM/DD/YY
    • Lookup:  Creates a drop-down field, containing the options that may be selected from
    • Contact:  Creates a drop-down field that brings up the list of Employees, Vendors, Customers, Users
    • Currency:  Numbers entered will be preceded by your country's currency symbol
  1. Click   Save   at the bottom  of the window.


 To edit an existing Custom Field 

A custom field must be removed from the Category, before it can be edited.
clipboard_efd3fefffdf52cc3989476ddeea3f3682.png        clipboard_e27fad04c722df0403039e45560e3f284.png

  1. Click the X button on the desired Custom Field, to remove it from the Category.
  2. Once removed, click the + button below Add Custom Fields clipboard_eac29e044b4a85d7da648c95fe4cd315f.png
  3. Find the desired custom field, and click the pencil icon to edit the record. clipboard_e5fdcba0b59ede1be1ef8e296faabc590.png
  4. Edit the NameGroup, or (if applicable) the Lookup field. 
    REMEMBER:  The Type cannot be edited.  Once a Type is selected and saved, you cannot change that custom field to a different type.
  5. Click   Save   at the bottom  of the window.
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