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Copying a Report or Dashboard

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Copying a Report or Dashboard


Copying a Report or Dashboard for your Business Intelligence module is a good way to organize your general and custom reports.

The following steps will help you copy a Report or Dashboard.



1.  After logging into ManagerPlus account, click the Business Intelligence icon in the ribbon of the main page.

2.  In the Reports section, open the folders that contain the desired report and click on the Options menu, and select Duplicate.

3.  You will be prompted to enter the name of the duplicated report.  At this time, you can also select where the duplicated report will be stored by clicking on the desired folder.  When completed, click on the Okay icon.

 If you need to rename the report, you can do so by clicking the Options menu and select Rename.

4.  To delete a report, click the Options menu and select delete.

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