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Profile Editing

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Profile Editing


Accessing your Profile screen, allows you to view and update your contact information, as well as verify the (up to) three Mobile Devices that can be registered to your user name.


You can access your Profile one of two different ways:

  1. Settings > Personal Settings > Profile
  2. Top left corner of the screen, click your Profile Name/Profile Image > Profile
My Contact Info

Profile Screenshot 2022-02-22 153002 - Copy.png
Update your address, email, phone number & mobile number.

This is critical information, as your email address is how you receive notifications through Notify.
Your mobile number is how you will receive SMS messages (*coming soon)

Mobile Devices

Once your log in to the Work Companion (ManagerPlus Mobile App) on your mobile device, the device will sync with the main Lightning database, and appear here on this list.

There's a limit of three mobile devices each user can have.  If you want to free up a spot for a different device, click the red garbage can to remove it from your list.  

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