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Service Tasks

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Service Tasks

What is a task?


A Service Task is a single essential activity that needs to be accomplished within a certain time frame.   

Some of the more common types of Service tasks are:

  • PM Task lists
  • Industry specific procedural codes
  • Repair codes (can be specific to your corporation, or generic in nature)
  • Component Codes (VMRS codes, CPT codes, etc.)

If the task is a common one, it can appear in multiple PM's and Work Orders.  Therefore, a Task is not bound exclusively to a single Work Order. 
Once created, wherever the task appears, it will always contain the same:

  • Description

  • Estimated Time to complete

  • Suggested Parts list (Bill of Materials)

  • Instructions

In Work Orders, a task is a single step, found in the WO.  While some Work Orders have a single Task, most usually have multiple tasks (or steps) that need to be completed, to satisfy the requirements of the maintenance manager. 

Add an existing Task to a Work Order


Go into the details of any Work Order

  1. Click the    Add Task   button

  2. Select the Task to be added

Creating a new Task
  1. Click the    Add Task   button

  2. Select the Create New Task button on the screen

  3. Fill in the required information:

    • Task Code:  Unique alphahumeric ID you create to name the task

    • Task Description:  Brief description of what is expected, when performing this task

    • Task Class:  While all tasks can belong to the same list, Task Class helps you organize all your tasks into different groups or classifications

    • Standard Estimated Time:  Hours and Minutes it should take on average to complete this task.  Filling this out helps estimate he total amount of time needed to complete a PM, and plan accordingly

  4. Lock in the changes by clicking the appropriate SAVE button:

    •    Save & Add    saves the newly created Task, and adds it to your PM

    •    Save & Select    saves the newly created Task, and allows you to continue selecting other Tasks as well


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