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Checking Into a Reservation

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:07:50 GMT
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Checking Into a Reservation

Once you Create a Reservation using the OpenSpace mobile app, you need to understand how to check into your reservation. 


There are currently two methods of checking into a reservation:

  • E-Mail Check-In

  • Reservation Details

E-Mail Check-In

In order to check into your reservation, perform the following. 


  1. Open the confirmation e-mail you received for your reservation.


Figure: Sample E-Mail Check-In


  1. Click the Check-in Now button on your confirmation e-mail. A confirmation message appears: "You have been checked into your reservation, thanks."



Figure: E-Mail Confirmation Message

Reservation Details

Reservations are listed in your reservation queue by the closest date/time. Tapping any of your reservations allows you to view additional details about your reservation. This also opens the reservation details screen and gives you the ability to check-in to a reservation.


If you would like to check-in to a reservation, perform the following steps.


  1. Tap the reservation in your queue that you would like to check-in.


  1. Tap the Check In button on your reservation. 



Figure: Reservation Check In



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