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Creating a Reservation

Last updated: Mon, 08 May 2017 18:53:31 GMT
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Creating a Reservation

Use the following procedure to create a reservation using the OpenSpace app. 

Note: Click here to create a reservation using the desktop version of the Reservations module.

  1. Once you sign in to the app, tap the Create Reservation button. The Create a Reservation screen displays.

    Note: The Search Rooms screen automatically shows rooms that are near your current location. 

    Create a Reservation screen - OpenSpace App

  2. Tap one of the displayed rooms, or search for a room using the Search field. Search criteria can include the room number, the name of the room, the room type. and so on. When a room is selected, the Room Details screen displays.

    Room Details - OpenSpace App

    On the Room Details screen, you can tap the Directions button to view turn-by-turn directions to the building where the room is located. In addition, if floor plans of the room are available, you can tap the Floor Plan button to ping the room location on the floor.

  3. If the room works for your reservation, tap the Reserve Room button. The Reservation Details screen displays, where you can enter the date and time requirements for your reservation. Available times for the room are listed on this screen.

  4. Select the date, time, and duration requirements for your reservation by tapping the date on the calendar and selecting a starting time. When a time is selected, a submenu displays allowing you to select the duration of your reservation. For example, if you select a specific start time, such as 12:30 p.m., a submenu displays. Select the appropriate duration from the submenu. Options display in 30-minute increments.

    Time duration - partial - OpenSpace app

    Similarly, for reservations that extend beyond a day, you can reserve the room for one day or for multiple days by tapping All Day and then selecting the appropriate option from the displayed submenu.

    Time duration - full - OpenSpace app

    Once you select a duration, the Reservation Confirmation screen displays, where you can add additional notes and guests to your reservation as needed.

    Reservation Confirmation - OpenSpace app

  5. (Optional) Add additional notes in the Notes field.

  6. (Optional) Add guests to your reservation by tapping the Invite Guest button and selecting a user from the displayed search screen. If guests are not users in the Reservations module, you can select a number of guests by tapping the Drop Down arrow in the Guests field. A submenu displays where you can select the number of guests.

    Add Guests to Reservation - OpenSpace app

  7. Once you have added the necessary information, tap Confirm to schedule your reservation.

    Your reservation is created, and email confirmations are sent to you and your guests.


    In addition, any guest added to the reservation with their email address receives an invitation email including an .ics file, which they can use to add the reservation to their calendar. 

    Note: If Exchange integration is being used, reservations created in iOFFICE must be updated using iOFFICE and reservations created in Exchange must be updated using your Exchange calendar. For more information on Exchange integration, click here.

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