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Space Manager App

Last updated: Mon, 24 Jun 2019 19:30:57 GMT
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Space Manager App

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The iOFFICE Space Manager App allows you to view detailed floor plans and information associated with each individual room, including descriptions, square footage, occupant information, network jacks, cost centers, departments, and much more. With a few taps, you can toggle drawing layers (such as furniture or electrical) and setup move requests to efficiently manage your space, people, and assets. You can also view images of your assets and add custom annotations and notes to the floor plan and take pictures of the rooms on the go.

Note: This app is compatible with iPad (requires iOS 4.3 through 10). The app is no longer supported on Android tablets. For more information on downloading the iOFFICE Space Manager App on an iPad, click here.   

Click a link in the following guide for more information on performing tasks in the iOffice Space Manager App.

Space Planning Software Features Include:

  • Access to real-time, accurate space utilization by occupancy.

  • Easy-to-use scenario planning options.

  • Immediate access to layout details such as occupant name, extension and square footage.

  • View layouts by floor for a complete analysis of how the space is being used.

  • Searchable floor plans for quick location of occupants, assets, voice or data jacks.

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